TasHerd offers herd recording and milk testing services to dairy farmers and dairy factories. It maintains a comprehensive database of historical and current data which provides valuable reporting to farmers, factories and industry.

Why Herd Record?

Herd recorded cows consistently out-produce their non-herd recorded contemporaries. The 2014 Australian Dairy Herd Improvement Report quoted a figure of 38% more!

Improving the genetic merit of the herd, through culling low producers and choosing replacements from higher producing dams, has long been considered a key benefit of herd recording.

Research and practical farm experience show these major gains come not only from improved genetic merit but also from improved management and the ability to make better informed management decisions.

New TasHerd Website

The TasHerd website is in the process of migrating to a new look. The new site will be mobile phone friendly and have a wealth of useful interactive features to assist in your herd management.
Contact Andrew Savage for more information.

Early milk pregnancy test

TasHerd offers an advanced cow pregnancy test. The new test can detect if your dairy cows are pregnant with just a single milk sample as early as 30 days after mating.

The test can also be used to detect pregnancy in your goats using a milk sample.

Click here to find out more.

TasHerd Laboratory

The TasHerd laboratory is equipped with the latest in milk component analysis technology from Bentley Instruments.
We also have a purpose built preg testing laboratory using the latest equipment from IDEXX Laboratories.

State of the art Milk Analysis

TasHerd's laboratory is one of the most modern and technologically advanced milk testing labs of its kind in Australia.
The centre piece of our lab consists of two Bentley Next Generation milk analysis instruments.
These machines provide the latest technology available and unsurpassed accuracy for the analysis of milk samples.


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