PregCheck30 can detect if your dairy cows are pregnant with just a single
milk sample as early as 30 days after mating.

Now available for pregnancy testing goats

Confirm the pregnancy status of your cows EARLY in pregnancy - with just a milk sample!

Introducing PregCheck30 - the world’s leading early milk pregnancy test.
PregCheck30 is a simple and convenient alternative to conventional cow pregnancy testing.
PregCheck30 can tell if your dairy cows are pregnant as early as 30 days after mating using just a milk sample.
The test is simple, reliable and convenient.

Join the thousands of farmers already taking advantage of modern-day cow pregnancy testing.

PregCheck30 offers the following:

  • 98% accurate at 30 days
  • Can now estimate conception dates and optimal drying-off periods if the test is used strategically and farmer records are accurate
  • No stress or mess for you or your cows
  • Non-invasive
  • No lost production
  • No risk of disease transmission

  • PregCheck30 - the smart way to diagnose the pregnancy status of dairy cows

  • Identify empty cows and re-join earlier. By shortening your calving interval you improve economic performance
  • Timely identification of empty cows allowing you to re-join quickly is a key component of a successful reproductive program
  • When used strategically, the now proven ability of PregCheck30 to estimate conception dates and thus optimal drying-off periods using accurate farmer records is a major advance with milk pregnancy testing
  • The highest rate of embryo loss occurs early in pregnancy. Therefore cows diagnosed pregnant before about 60 days of pregnancy (by whatever method), should be rechecked before drying-off. However embryo/foetal mortality can occur at any time through pregnancy
  • There is an economic impact of empty cows in mid to late lactation

  • Accurate and reliable

    Field trial data on over 1,000 cows obtained prior to commercial release of the test demonstrated that the product is over 98% accurate at diagnosing pregnant and empty cows from a single milk sample in cows, 30 days from joining.

    Clean and non-invasive

    PregCheck30 means no mess for you and no discomfort for your cows. It also eliminates risk of disease and abortion that may result from invasive pregnancy testing.

    Stop culling pregnant cows and make better carry-over decisions

    PregCheck30 will help ensure you don’t cull pregnant cows – and avoid the associated costs. It also helps you make better carry-over decisions and more accurately allocate mating groups in batch mating systems.

    Milk Sampling for pregnancy testing is convenient and flexible

    •   Milk samples collected for routine herd recording can be used for pregnancy testing through TasHerd
    •   You can collect milk samples from individual cows and send them directly to the TasHerd lab for testing – this new option is called “farmer sampling”.

    Farmer Sampling offers even more convenience

    With the new Farmer Sampling option, you can now test your cows whenever you choose. You don’t need to be in herd recording or need to wait for herd recording time.
    You simply take a sample from as many cows as you like and send samples in for testing.

    Technical support and follow-up

    With PregCheck30, you now have access to comprehensive back-up technical support from well qualified veterinary, laboratory and field staff. We can help you with issues ranging from the best way to fit the test to your system, to how to correctly interpret results. We are here to answer your questions and to troubleshoot any problems you might be experiencing.
    We also routinely monitor test results - and offer quality assurance to continue delivering on our promise of accuracy and reliability.

    How it works

    PregCheck30 is a milk pregnancy test that measures a protein in a cow’s milk called PAG (Pregnancy Associated Glycoprotein) that ONLY comes from the placenta.

    Here’s a simple overview of how PregCheck30 works. For more detail, please visit FAQs.

    1.  Pregnant cows produce a protein called PAG. This protein comes from the cow’s placenta (and ONLY from the placenta) and is released into a pregnant cow’s blood stream and milk.
    2.  As a cow’s pregnancy progresses, the concentration of the PAG protein increases.
    3.  The levels of PAG in milk reflect the amounts produced by the placenta.
    4.  PregCheck30 is able to accurately measure the concentration of this protein from a cow’s milk sample.
    5.  After 30 days post-mating, there will be significant levels of the protein in the cow’s milk - but only if it’s pregnant.

    The following chart illustrates the typical change in protein levels during successful pregnancy.

    PAG Levels over time


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