Preg Testing - TasHerd and Pacific Biotech

The first accurate milk pregnancy test - Some history

Managing Director of Pacific Biotech and veterinarian, Dr Ian Lewis, worked with TasHerd to develop and market Confirm in Tasmania - the world’s first accurate and reliable milk pregnancy test. And more recently ConfirmPlus was launched, a new and improved version of Confirm.
Over the last decade these products grew in popularity, establishing a reputation as a reliable and accurate management tool for diagnosing pregnancy in cows (when used as recommended). However, one limitation of these tests was that they could only give an accurate result from 120 days gestation.

The new early milk pregnancy test

In mid-2014, Pacific Biotech and TasHerd obtained access to a new technology developed by IDEXX Laboratories. The new technology allows diagnosis of pregnant and empty cows with 98% accuracy as early as 30 days post-mating. This product is available as PregCheck30™ through TasHerd.

Well qualified TasHerd laboratory and field staff

TasHerd has recently refurbished their Milk Testing Laboratory with the addition of a purpose built laboratory specifically designed to carry out milk pregnancy testing. We've equipped the new laboratory with the latest equipment available to allow us to provide you with accurate and timely results.

The PT laboratory team headed by Sonya Pitcher, runs PregCheck30 tests at TasHerd. With extensive milk pregnancy testing experience, the team receives regular and intensive training upgrades from IDEXX Laboratories.

The TasHerd field team, managed by Andrew Savage, is also familiar with PregCheck30 and can help you get started and answer any initial questions you might have.

Pictured at left:
Dr Rosemary Santangelo from IDEXX Laboratories (left) with TasHerd's Sonya Pitcher

Expert Technical Support

Dr Ian Lewis is Managing Director of Pacific Biotech Pty Ltd. Ian has specialised in cattle reproduction for most of his 40 years as a veterinarian in research and commercial situations. He provides comprehensive technical back-up support for PregCheck30 and is available for consultation through TasHerd.