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Good Bulls get better

When it comes to finding Good Bulls to use over Australian dairy herds, they keep getting better and better, as demonstrated by the April 2017 release of Australian Breeding Values (ABVs).

This release has improvements in reliabilities across all traits, giving dairy farmers even more confidence in their bull choices.

The increases in reliability came from the addition of genotypes for 30,000 females in 100 herds into the reference population, through the GINFO project.

Ginfo is a major delivery of the DairyFutures CRC in its last six months of operation. Ginfo is a collaboration involving the DairyFutures CRC, ADHIS, Holstein Australia, Jersey Australia and the Victorian Government (DEDJTR).

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 Increased Reliability

The Good Bulls Guide - August 2020

The Good Bulls Guide produced by DataGene is a twice annual listing of leading available bulls re-ranked by common breeding objectives. The guide helps farmers and semen resellers confidently select semen suited to a farm’s breeding objectives, while still selecting genetic gain for profit.

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Download the Good Bulls Guide here

The National Breeding Objective

Click here to view or download the final report on the National Breeding Objective.

Watch this short video to learn more about the three new ABV indices developed by ADHIS in response to farmer feedback.