The Herd Recording Team

Across Tasmania and King Island, the services of experienced and professional herd recording technicians
are available to setup the equipment needed to collect milk samples for analysis by TasHerd.

Samples are collected by fitting temporary inline milk meters that will take an accurate subsample of your cows' milk yield.
From this sample TasHerd can calculate each cow's milk volume, fat and protein composition and somatic cell count
to provide you with invaluable information to assist in the management your herd.

Jock Waters

Area Covered: North East Tasmania

David Cox

Area Covered: Central North Tasmania

Mobile: 0428 567 112

Danny and Karen Gower

Area Covered: North East Tasmania

Danny's mobile: 0488 330 409
Karen's mobile: 0488 330 418

Ian Keddie

Area Covered: Circular Head

Mobile: 0417 590 195

Simone Lee

Area Covered: King Island

Mobile: 0427 327 698

For Herd Testing in the South please contact TasHerd

Area covered: South

Phone: 6393 6202